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Outdoor Wedding Decorations


Bartending Services

Karley and Molly are a delightful duo of certified and insured bartenders! They provide bars tools (shakers, pour spouts, bottle openers, and wine key) and will infuse every event with an extra dose of magic. They're here to ensure your special occasion is nothing short of seamless and unforgettable.


'Cosmo' Stationary Bar

Meet 'Cosmo' – your new go-to for chic and adaptable bar vibes!  Cosmo is 6ft long and has the ultimate blend of style and functionality, ready to be a staple for any indoor or outdoor event. With its charm and elegant design, Cosmo is here to add a touch of magic to every gathering. 


'Roman "Mobile Tailer

Say hello to "Roman"  our 6x10ft mobile bar trailer, perfect for all your outdoor events! With its stunning navy and gold palette, it adds a touch of dreamy elegance to any occasion.


Mixers & Consumables

Mixers include your choice of 3 - sodas, juices, tonic, club soda, and syrups.

Consumables include- ice, cups, garnishes, straws, and napkins.


Hydration Station

Hydration station includes two dispensers filled with your choice of infused water, iced tea, or lemonade for the entire length of event,


Hot Beverage Bar

Hot bar includes 2 beverages with 2 hour service window, Includes coffee, decaf, cream, sugar, tea bags, cups, stirs.

Hot cocoa/ cider available upon request.


'Archie' Wooden Arch

Meet Archie, whether he's adorned with twinkling lights for a romantic evening affair or draped in rustic garlands for a festive celebration, Archie sets the stage for unforgettable moments shared amongst friends and loved ones.


Mocktail Sampling Service

The taste test comes to you! Let us dazzle your taste buds with a selection of six mouthwatering mocktails, all in the comfort of your own space. Plus, our experts are on hand to recommend perfect pairings and suggest liquors that'll take your mocktail game to the next level. 

Say goodbye to inflated drink prices. By purchasing your own alcohol, you'll enjoy significant cost savings, allowing you to allocate your budget where it matters most. We take care of the service, ambiance, and all the little details, so you can focus on creating memories without breaking the bank.

An additional travel fee applies to events located more than 30 miles outside Detroit, Michigan.

Available Services

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